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College of Liberal Arts Student Resources

Liberal Arts Faculty Publications

Recently Published Books

Kurt Blaugher and David McCarthy - Saving the World and Healing the Soul: Heroism and Romance in Film. Cascade Books, 2017.

Sr. Anne Higgins - Life List. Finish Line Press, 2016.

Joshua Hochschild - A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction. Sophia Institute Press, 2017.

John Love & Fr. Thomas Cavanaugh - How to Win Friends for Christ: One Conversation at a Time. The Word Among Us Press, 2017.

David McCarthy - The Death Penalty and Discipleship. Liturgical Press, 2016.

David McCarthy, Trudy Conway, & Vicki SchieberRedemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justice. Liturgical Press, 2017.

Michelle Patterson & Joan Jensen - Travels with Frances Densmore: Her Life, Work, and Legacy in Native American Studies. University of Nebraska Press, 2015.

Steven C. Smith - The House of the Lord: A Catholic Biblical Theology of God's Temple Presence in the Old and New Testaments. Franciscan University Press, 2017.

Recent Articles

Amanda Beal: “Resources and Opportunity for Change: Democracy, Labor, and the Welfare Effort in Latin America.” Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies 41, (Summer 2016.)
“Aid or Trade? Problems with the UN’s Human Development Figures” with Maria Sofia, Global Politics. (May 2016.).

Christine Blackshaw: “Martínez de la Rosa’s Edipo and Antonio García Gutiérrez’s El paje and Lessons on Penning an Oedipal Drama in 1830s Spain.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 94.3 (2017): 283-298.
“Duque de Rivas’s Ataúlfo and Aliatar: Exploring and Containing Monarchical Authority and Romantic Expression During the Early Fernandine Era.” Decimonónica: Journal of Nineteenth-Century Hispanic Cultural Production 13.2 (Summer 2016): 18-31.

William Collinge: “Searching for the Logos in America: William L. Portier as Historical Theologian.” Invited article in Weaving the American Catholic Tapestry: Essays in Honor of William L. Portier.  Eds. Timothy Gabrielli and Derek C. Hatch. Eugene: Pickwick, 2017, 1-21.
“The Catholic Worker Farm in Lincoln County, West Virginia, 1970-1990: An Experiment in Sustainable Community.” Journal of Moral Theology 6, Special Issue 1 (March 2017): 74-93. Read more...

James Donohue, C.R.: “The Ordo commendationis animae in Alberto Costellano’s Liber Sacredotalis.” Proceedings of the NAAL, Spring 2016.
"Abrahamic Faiths and Compassion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam,” by Daniel Maoz, James Donohue, Ala’ Al-Thibeh and Ayse Erenay. Thriving on the Edge: Integrating Spiritual Practice, Theory and Research, eds. Angela E. Schmidt, Thomas St. James O’Connor, Michael Chow, Patricia Berendsen. (Toronto: The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care-Southwestern Ontario Divisions [CASCSWONT], 2016): 209-223.

Jack Dudley: “‘Along a road that may lead nowhere’: J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and the Postsecular Novel.” Studies in the Novel 49.1 (2017): 109-130.
“From ‘spiritual paralysis’ to ‘spiritual liberation’: Joyce’s Immanent ‘Grace.’” Rethinking Joyce’s Dubliners. Claire Culleton and Ellen Scheible, eds. Palgrave, 2016, 175-95.

Brian Gilchrist: “Medieval Rhetorical Education: Ethical Praxis" in Metalogicon: The Journal of Communication and Religion 38.4 (2016): 73-89.
“Questions Concerning Ge-Stell: Heideggerian Confrontations with Technology.” Explorations in Media Ecology, 14.3-4 (2016): 237-255.

Kim Hansen: “The Divine is in the Details: Managing Religion in Pluralizing Militaries." Military Chaplaincy in an Era of Religious Pluralism: Military-Religious Nexus is Asia, Europe and USA. Eds. Torkel Brekke and Vladimir Tikhonov. Oxford University Press, 2017.

John Hersey: Review of Existentialism: An Introduction, by Kevin Aho (Polity Press, 2014), Teaching Philosophy 39:1 (March 2016): 81-85.

Sr. Anne Higgins: “The Narcissist’s Confession.” Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry. (2017).
“That Window Overlooking Maple.” River Poets Journal. July 2017.

Joshua Hochschild: “Out of Their League: Two Books on Liberal Education,” review essay of In Defense of a Liberal Education, by Fareed Zakaria (W. W. Norton & Company, 2015) and of Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania, by Frank Bruni (Grand Central Publishing, 2015), in Commonweal, September 11, 2015.

Paige Hochschild: “Knowing the Good of Nature: St. Augustine and George Grant.” David Vincent Meconi, ed. On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Cultivating a Contemporary Theology of Creation (Eerdmans, 2016). 
"Gravissimum Educationis: Vatican II on Education.” The Reception of Vatican II, ed. Levering and Lamb, 2 vols. (Oxford University Press, 2016/7).

Curtis Johnson: Review of Four Steeples over the City Streets: Religion and Society in New York’s Early Republic Congregations, by Kyle T. Bulthuis. The Journal of American History 102:3 (December 2015): 861-862.

Jessy Jordan: “Philippa Foot’s So-called Achilles’ Heel: On the Distinctiveness of Her Grammatical Naturalism.” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 91.2 (Spring 2017): 251-271.
“Ethical Naturalism and the Justification of Claims about Human Form.” Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 55.3 (2016): 467-492.

Mary Catherine Kennedy: “Death of a pop-star pope: Saint John Paul II’s Funeral as Media Event.” Journal of Communication & Religion, 38.1 (2015): 95-112.

Sean Lewis: “The Epic Cosmos in Rural Kentucky: Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter as a Modern Epic.” Anamnesis 5 (2016): 124-39.

David McCarthy: “Craft as a Place of Knowing in Natural Law” with Charles Pinches, Studies in Christian Ethics, 29 4 (Novem-ber 2016).
“Homes for Conviviality.” Journal of Moral Theology 5. 1 (January 2016): 169-89. Read more...

Marco Roman: “Le cinéma malgache francophone: ‘Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer’ de Raymond Rajaonarivelo.” Allons au cinéma II: Studies in French-language Film. Eds. Joyce Beckwith & Dolliann Hurtig. Publication of AATF (2016): 11-20.

Teresa Rupp:  “The Elephant In and Out of the Room:  Remigio dei Girolami’s Responses to Charles de Valois.”  Medieval Sermon Studies 59 (2015): 57-73.
Review of Gail Ashton, ed., Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture (London: Bloomsbury, 2015), in Medievally Speaking (October 5, 2015).

Charles Strauss: “Catholicism,”  Edward J. Blum, ed. America in the World, 1776 to the Present: A Supplement to the Dictionary of American History. 2 vols. (Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2016).

Barrett Turner:  “Pacis progressio: How Francis’s Four New Principles Develop Catholic Social Teaching into Catholic Social Praxis.” Journal of Moral Theology 6.1 (2017): 112-129. Read more...
Review of Freedom, Truth, and Human Dignity: The Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom: A New Translation, Redaction History, and Interpretation of Dignitatis Humanae, by David L. Schindler and Nicholas J. Healy, Jr. The Thomist 80 (2016): 309-314.

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