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Language Placement Test

As part of the Mount's core curriculum, all freshman will either broaden mastery of a world language already studied in high school or will begin the study of a new world language. If you previously studied a language in high school (grades 9-12) you are required to take a placement test by June 15 if you plan to continue studying that language.

If you plan to begin in a new language (one in which you have not had prior study in high school), no placement exam is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures or 301-447-5322.

Testing Instructions

WebCAPE is a program that assesses your ability in a language you have previously studied and assists you and your advisor in choosing the right level language course. This online system is dual-platform, so it works in both Windows and Mac environments. The testing process takes between 10-45 minutes. You may take the exam only once.

Prepare Your Test Environment

You will need to create a proper test environment; that is, do not use reference materials, and do not consult others to answer exam questions. You must comply with the Mount’s Academic Honesty Policy.

Take Your Language Placement Test Online

(Read all instructions before beginning your exam)

  1. Access the WebCape System >
  2. Create an account using a valid email address
  3. Once logged into your account, select the language you wish to test for (note: you will be required to answer pretest questions before the actual test)
  4. During the exam, if the screen does not advance immediately to the next question, just resubmit your answer. The next question should appear. This can happen (infrequently) if the system is busy. Work through the exam at a steady pace so that the exam does not time out and submit prematurely.

How to Interpret Your Test Scores

WebCAPE will show your raw score and placement immediately. This score will also be forwarded automatically to the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

Department of World Languages and Cultures