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iLEAD Office

How We See Leadership

At Mount St. Mary’s University we consider leadership an invitation to greatness.Your greatness. The Institute for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement and Development believes that everyone has the potential to answer this deep and abiding call from within. The call directs you to “step in and step up.” You will know it when it is directed toward the development of yourself in the service of others, helping others to help themselves.

The call to be a leader involves something so much larger than yourself. It’s about dynamic change within individuals and their world that brings satisfaction to both the leaders and the recipients of their service.

iLEAD Vision

iLEAD empowers Mount students to be positive examples of servant leadership.

iLEAD Mission

iLEAD promotes ongoing self-reflection upon academic and co-curricular experiences in order that students grow in their self awareness to become intelligent and compassionate leaders.

iLEAD starts with a conversation about personal leadership questions even before first-year students arrive. Research tells us that students desire opportunities to build self confidence, engage in internships and become the best version of themselves.

Pangborn Memorial Room