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iLEAD Office

How We See Leadership

The Institute for Leadership Ethics, Achievement and Development (iLEAD) believes that everyone has the potential to answer the call to greatness. It directs you to “step in and step up.” You will know the call when it is directed toward the development of yourself in the service of others. The call to be a leader involves something so much larger than yourself. It’s about dynamic change within individuals and our world that brings satisfaction to both the leaders and the recipients of your service.


An organization designed to study or promote something.


A skill or ability of a person or organization to guide others; it is a process whereby one exerts a positive influence on others to achieve a common goal; at its essence is a relationship.


The study of human action, including evaluating virtue and vice, reflecting on the purpose of human life as a creation with its final result being happiness.


The consequence of aspiring to become both one's best personal self and to exercise one's positive influence with others.


The ongoing process of refining oneself, through one's leadership philosophy and style to improve society.

iLEAD Vision

The Institute for Leadership Ethics, Achievement and Development empowers Mount students to be examples of Catholic values-based servant leadership. Our global, national, and local needs require that more students be aware of and concentrate their efforts toward the common good. Leadership is doing the right thing at the right time in the right place. Its interests are in the universal without hidden agenda. We are directed to carry out our Christian mission that is predicated on basic human dignity to achieve our larger goal of creating a better world.

iLEAD Mission

The Institute for Leadership Ethics, Achievement and Development challenges students to move others toward good while respecting the dignity of all they lead. iLEAD promotes ongoing self-reflection upon academic and co-curricular experiences in order that students grow in their self-awareness to become intelligent and compassionate leaders. In these ways, they can lead lives of significance. While iLEAD serves all students, it engenders a special relationship with specific populations including First Year, First Gens, honors students, international students, commuters, transfers, and probationary students. iLEAD serves these members by providing additional support in acclimation and academic growth.


The Institute for Leadership Ethics, Achievement, and Development welcomes you to servant leadership – an opportunity to "Step in and Step Up."

  • We believe every person has the potential to rise to his or her personal best and positively influence others.
  • As servant leaders, we begin with a moral desire to make a difference in the lives of both the recipient and servant.
  • We believe every servant leader moves others toward "The Good, The True, and The Beautiful."
  • We respect the proper dignity of ourselves and those we lead.
  • We expect and apply transparency.
  • We believe that real leadership works through the whole spiritual and moral being of the leader.
  • We believe we can affect a dynamic, positive change in the world. Join us!

Staff Development Programs

Leadership Tea

The Leadership Tea is a monthly opportunity that supports women leaders of the Mount and other organizations' administration, faculty and/or staff for the purpose of staff development and community building. People of all sexes/genders are welcomed to join.

Pangborn Memorial Room

National Society of Leadership