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Leadership Portfolio

iLEAD supports students in developing a personal Leadership Portfolio through a one-credit course designed to visually and textually annotate their four-year leadership trajectory at the Mount. Students choose an online web builder program or presentation technology

Dana Sauers

Director of Institute for Leadership Studies

+1 (301) 447-3702

The following refers to seniors who choose to participate through the elective LP 498 during the 2016-2017 year. (Other undergraduates will receive steady communication regarding their part in becoming better leaders.)

The Leadership Portfolio provides students with a myEfolio opportunity to reflect upon and annotate leadership skills and experiences in both curricular and co-curricular areas. Students can know and articulate their gifts, review how they have developed them, and how they plan to use them to better our world.

Seniors present a ten minute presentation to a committee of administrators, faculty, staff and students who celebrate their “summative moment.”

Components of a Leadership Portfolio

  1. A personal description with a picture of yourself

  2. An optional resume

  3. A reflection of at least one Cultural Enrichment (play, lecture, exhibit, concert) that resonated with you within your leadership trajectory

  4. An uploaded academic paper from junior or senior year which represents your best personal self. (Many choose an ethics paper or one from their field of study).

  5. Additional photos or performances

  6. Any other service, award or achievement

There is much to be gained in electing to participate in the LP 498.

  • The reflective nature of the assignment allows you to re-live these experiences, and as many graduates will attest, this creates synthesis in which you clarify for yourself all your development to this point. This self-knowledge produces a greater clarity and confidence in speaking about yourself in job interviews, fellowship and graduate applications.

  • Additionally, the portfolio can be linked into LinkedIn if you choose to present a fully developed employment persona.

  • The summary document of the portfolios also gifts the Mount with your observations for future planning.

  • As a further incentive, we are looking to spotlight each participant in a special way during the graduation ceremony.

Interested in creating your portfolio? Contact us at 301-447-3702 or email iLEAD.