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Academic Affairs / Provost

The Mount's Academic Administration provides leadership in academic planning, resourcing and evaluation for all curricular programs. The division is dedicated to excellence in the academic life of the university and the administrative offices that support that life.

Undergraduate Mission Statement

Mount St. Mary’s is a Catholic institution of higher education dedicated to liberal learning in the pursuit of truth. Mount St. Mary’s, mindful of its role in the Church’s mission to the world and respectful of the religious liberty of all, affirms the values and beliefs central to the Catholic vision of the person and society, and seeks to deepen understanding of our faith and its practice in just and compassionate engagement with the world.

In order to enable individuals to understand and to challenge or embrace the cultural forces operating on them, Mount St. Mary’s, in all its curricular and co-curricular programs, encourages each student to undertake free and rigorous inquiry leading to a reflective and creative understanding of the traditions which shape the communities in which we live.

Mount St. Mary’s strives to graduate men and women who cultivate a mature spiritual life, who live by high intellectual and moral standards, who respect the dignity of other persons, who see and seek to resolve the problems facing humanity, and who commit themselves to live as responsible citizens.

Bradley Hall, Suite 219

Meet the Provost

Academic Forms

Below you can download academic forms and applications in .pdf format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Undergraduate Student Forms

FERPA-Related Forms

Additional Forms

  • Address Change Form (.pdf) - current students only. For changes in your permanent address, your parent/guardian address, or your billing address (must be submitted and signed by student)
For information about course schedules and transcripts, please visit the Registrar's Office webpage.

Adult Undergraduate Student Forms

For information about adult undergraduate course schedules and registration please visit the Registrar's Office webpage.

Graduate Student Forms

For information about graduate course schedules and transcripts, registration and drop course information please visit the Registrar's Office webpage.

Faculty Forms

For information about course schedules and transcripts, please visit the Registrar's Office webpage.

The Registrar's Office supports student course registration.

Registrar's Office

Celebrating Success

Student success is what we live for, and we celebrate our students through our Dean's List our Academic Honors.

See the Dean's List and Academic Awards

Provost's Administrative Areas

  • Academic Programs
  • Core Curriculum
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Division of Graduate, Professional and Continuing Education
  • Learning Services
  • Honors Program
  • Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Phillips Library
  • Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business
  • School of Education
  • School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Study Abroad

Academic Probation/Dismissal Alert

The Associate Provost recommends that students on Academic Probation or Dismissal Alert participate in a goal planning program through Learning Services. Our staff members will meet with and help these students to create attainable academic goals; they will also provide these students with guidance and instruction necessary for academic success. These services (along with all of Learning Services' resources) are provided at no additional cost to students.