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School of Natural Science and Mathematics Resources

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is an advisory council composed of alumni and friends of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. The members volunteer their time and talents and serve as a resource to strengthen the quality of programming and student experiences in the academic program areas offered by the School of Natural Science and Mathematics - Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Psychology.

How Board Members are Engaged with Students

Board of Advisors members might choose to be engaged with students and faculty in some of the following ways:
  • In coordination with appropriate faculty, help to arrange internships, "shadowing" opportunities, and other experiential learning components.
  • As a resource for students in preparing for admission to professional and graduate schools.
  • Participate in formal meetings on campus to learn about our programs, to interact directly with students and faculty and other Board of Advisors' members.
  • As a general resource and "sounding board" for the Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics regarding all aspects of the marketing, recruitment and success of our programs.
Ordinarily, members serve terms from one to three years in length, beginning in August of each academic year, as appropriate to their particular needs and availability. The Board of Advisors meets formally once per academic semester, with meetings beginning in the afternoon and concluding that same evening. Informal contact and communications take place as needed throughout the academic year.The Board of Advisors offers insights and guidance of significant benefit to our students, faculty, and, of course, to the Dean. Their interactions with some very talented students and faculty can only serve to open up new opportunities and collaborative possibilities that Board members find as rewarding as we do.

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. William Paul Beierschmitt, C'80
  • Dr. Rebecca Burke, C'05
  • Dr. Joseph P. Cardinale, C'68
  • Dr. Thomas A. Cavalieri, C'73
  • Mr. Joseph A. DeMino, C'82
  • Dr. Ethan Dmitrovski
  • Dr. Edward A. Dolan, C'67
  • Dr. Larry Donato, Jr., C'96
  • Dr. H. Stephen Fletcher, C'63
  • Ms. Kristy Galante, C'00
  • Dr. William R. Gaver, C'69
  • Dr. David Ginty, C'84
  • Mr. Geoffrey E. Grant
  • Ms. Jessica Martin, C'03
  • Dr. Ewy Mathe', C'00
  • Dr. Frank C. McGeehin, III, C'76
  • Dr. Frank Merolla, C'63
  • Ms. Mary Molinaro, C'74
  • Mr. D.J. Monagle, III, C'84
  • Dr. Daniel G. Muldoon, C'89
  • Dr. Edward A. Palank, C'67
  • Mr. Russell Potee, III, C'04
  • Mr. J. Anthony Rose, C'74
  • Dr. John S. Salaki, C'67
  • Ms. Robin Shine, C'78
  • Dr. Mark Sobus, C'89
  • Capt. Christopher W. Zukowski, C'76

Faculty Activities

Scholarly Publications

Michael J. Turner

  • “Avoidance Behavior Independent of InnateImmune Signaling Seen in Caenorhabditis Elegans Challenged with Bacillus Anthracis,” Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 103453. Hard-copy pending, with J.K. Cox, A.C. Spellman, C. Lewis, S. Bavari.

Caitlin Faas

  • "Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions 2: The Data, Journal of Open Psychology Data, 6,4," DOI:10.5334/jopd.38, with J.E. Grahe, H.M. Chalk, L.D. Cramblet Alvarez, A.D. Hermann, and J.P. McFall.

Scholarly Presentations

Caitlin Faas

  • “Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions," with Grahe, J. Data Blitz Session and the Interactive Poster Session at DEVSEC: Conference on the Use of Secondary and Open Source Data in Developmental Science. Phoenix, AZ. October 2018.

Robert Keefer

  • "The Coming of R.," Association of Heads of Department of Psychology. Atlanta, GA. November 2018.
  • “Advice from a Seasoned Chair,” Association of Heads of Department of Psychology. Atlanta, GA. November 2018.

Patti Kreke

  • "Managing Medical (Health Career) Education Debt,” with M. O’Mealia, L.Wood-Hill, P. Kreke and the NEAAHP Professional Development Focus Group. NEAAHP Conference. March 2019.
  • "New Advisors Workshop," with B. Brookins, K. McJunkins, P.Kreke and the NEAAHP Professional Development Focus Group. NEAAHP Conference. March 2019.
  • “Let's Talk Best Practices," with B. Brookins, R. Beaton, L. Russo, and P. Kreke on behalf of the NAAHP Professional Development and Leadership Committee. NEAAHP Conference. March 2019.

Abigail A. R. Kula

  • “Nasty Neighbors: Evaluating the Effects of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria Pettiolata) on Nearby Plants,” with Samuel Dainton. Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the Ecological Society of America. Bowie, MD. April 2019.
  • “The Effects of Mycorrhizal Fungi as a Fertilizer for C. pepo.” with J. Baer, and K. Winkeler. Annual
    Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the Ecological Society of America. Bowie, MD. April 2019.

Professional Activities

Jonelle Hook

  • Referee for Discrete Mathematics, 2019.
  • Referee for Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2018.

Mindy Korol

  • PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) special programming of “TMI Accident: 40 Years Later.” March 2019.

Abigail Kula

  • HHMI Biointeractive Ecology Content Development Workshop. Austin, TX. January 2019.

Susan D. Mertins

  • “Studies on Signal Transduction in Oncogenic Pathways and Computational Modeling.” with Dr. William Hlavacek. Los Alamos National Laboratory to Collaborate. August 2019.
  • Guest Researcher on the RAS Initiative. Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in the Biomedical Information and Data Science Directorate. June – August 2019.
  • Reviewer, Current Computer-Assisted Drug Design. August 2019.

Isaac N. Mills

  • Workshop leader, Archdiocese of Baltimore Teacher Summer Seminar Workshop.

Jonathan Slezak

  • Journal Reviewer for Teaching of Psychology, 2019.
  • Chapter Review of “The Interteaching Approach: Enhancing Participation and Critical Thinking.” Faculty Development for Digital Teaching and Learning. Editorial Discovery, 2019.

Michael J. Turner

  • SPARC Committee Co-Chair. Co-lead University Committee charged with organizing and executing the 2019 SPARC Festival.
  • MASE Camp Director/Instructor. Organized, coordinated and helped teach (with Katy Dye) the 2019 MASE Camp, June 2019. 32 students from Winston Churchill High School (Montgomery County) came as part of a two-week capstone experience, in conjunction with a one-year Molecular Genetics course provided at the High School. Strong performance at MASE Camp earns students 4 college credits.

Community Service

Jonelle Hook

  • Mathematical Association of America, Radical Dash Judge, Section Meeting. Frederick, MD. April 2019.