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Conflict, Peace, and Social Justice Presentations

Presentations are listed in alphabetical order by the presenter's last name.

Harder Right Over the Easier Wrong
Panel Presentation
Panelists: Kalie Messner, Trey Cook, Elena Rittie, Colette Robinson / Mentor: Dana Sauers
Far-Right Terrorism in the 2010s-decade United States
Far-right terrorism has recently been recognized as the leading threat to domestic security by the FBI. This research explores the various popular extremist organizations of the far-right, as well as a number of high-profile recent attacks conducted by actors who have either participated these organizations or subscribe to similar hate-based philosophies. Understanding the dynamics of how these organizations operate and spread their messages is critical to curbing the threats they present. By comparing the most recent terrorist attacks and organizations that may support their actors, profiles may be established that can help predict the nature of these attacks and the capabilities of these organizations. Of the six most recent high-profile far-right terrorist attacks analyzed in this research, four have happened in the latter half of the 2010s decade. The targets of these attacks varied greatly, as did the motivations behind the attacks- though racial hatred was the motivation behind half the attacks. Most attacks were carried out with firearms, which produced a greater casualty count than the other two vehicle attacks. The three mass shootings carried out with handguns created significantly fewer casualties than the one carried out with an AK-47 style rifle. Three of the six attacks were also carried out between 9:56am and 10:39am.
Presenter: Andrew Schupp / Mentor: Layton Field, Ph.D.

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