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Health Sciences Presentations

A Look Into The World of Surgery
I have had the opportunity to have a really unique internship. My internship is with the University of Maryland Medical Center where I function as a surgical technologist in the Operating Rooms. This internship has given me a real life experience of what it will be like to be a doctor and work with different teams of people to take care of patients. During my time at Maryland I have been able to work with a team to participate in many different and diverse operations as well as see some very unique pathologies. I work with the vascular surgical team so while my work is mostly concentrated to one service the procedures that we do are never the same. As a health sciences student, this internship has allowed me to confirm what I really want to do. I would like to share this experience with other people because as fascinating as operating is, it is not at all how the media portrays it. I would also like to share this experience because it has not only helped to develop professionally but personally as well. My goal is to be a doctor but by having this internship I am able to understand the ins and outs of the nursing staff, this gives me a really unique perspective for when I do become a doctor. Presenting this work at SPARC would give faculty, staff and students insight into the real world of surgery, from a student’s perspective.
Presenter: Maureen McClellan / Mentor: Abigail Kula, Ph.D.

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