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Academia From the Inside Book Launch

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CPHE is proud to partner with the editors and authors of, Academia from the Inside: Pedagogies for Self and Others, to help launch their new book!

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This book invites readers to explore how fourteen different experts in their respective fields create deeper meaning in their profession and work with students through thinking, in multiple ways, about the self who  teaches, the self who learns, and the ways in which these selves interact within the academy. Essays in this book explore the “inside” of academia through three themes: Pursuing Authenticity, Creating Creative Community, and Humanizing Education.

Contributors reflect on their own lived experiences in the academy and on pedagogies that they have created for their students. Embodied education, the theoretical framework of this book, draws on ideas of educators Parker Palmer from the West and Dr. Chinmay Pandya from the East, emerging through contributors’ collaborative work. In embodied education, teachers and learners share experiences that lead to selfunderstanding and together find ways to humanize spaces in academia.

“As this era of social reckonings has made clear, all of our major institutions—especially education—stand in urgent need of transformation if we are to create a world that works for everyone. Here’s a blueprint for that transformation. Written by a collective of dedicated and experienced educators, the essays in this volume offer much more than a hopeful vision. Instead, they tell embodied stories of personal agency that move from reclaiming our identity and integrity as educators, to creating community with colleagues, to taking action together. Transforming academia ‘from the inside out’ is a route to the kind of change that matters and
that endures. This book will take us closer to that goal.”

— Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach, A Hidden Wholeness, and Healing the
Heart of Democracy

All conference attendees are invited to attend this exciting book launch on Friday, March 4th at 5:45 pm.

There will be opportunities to interact and talk with the two editors and several of the contributing authors, door prizes, and a chance to purchase the book with a special conference discount. 

To learn more about this new book and the content of each chapter, please visit the books website