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Academic Scholarship Policies

The majority of merit-based scholarships are awarded to students during their recruitment period prior to enrolling. These awards are for eight semesters and are contingent on the student enrolling full time and may not be transferred to any other institution.

Requirements to Maintain the Scholarship

  1. Remains enrolled on a full-time basis and in good standing with the university.
  2. Maintains the appropriate cumulative grade point average.

See below for more detailed explanations.

Enrollment Status

Students who drop below full-time status will have their scholarship canceled unless they attain a special exemption from the Scholarship Committee, at which time the scholarship would be pro-rated. Students who temporarily withdraw or take a leave of absence from the university need to make prior arrangements with the Scholarship Committee to have the scholarship re-instated upon their return. Students who transfer to another institution and then transfer back to Mount St. Mary's will not have their scholarships re-instated. They may, however, be eligible to receive a Transfer Scholarship upon their re-entry.

Failure to Maintain GPA

Merit scholarships include a cumulative GPA requirement. Cumulative GPAs are reviewed at the conclusion of the sophomore and junior years. Students who fail to achieve the required GPA will have their scholarship reduced anywhere from 10-50 percent depending on how far below the standard their GPA is. Students who fail to achieve the required GPA after their first year will receive a warning letter but will maintain the full value of the scholarship.

Your cumulative GPA requirement was listed in your acceptance letter and is also provided below.

Scholarship Enrolled Prior to Fall 2019 Enrolled in Fall 2019 or After
Trustee 3.0 3.2
Presidential 2.75 3.0
Provost n/a 2.75
Dean's 2.5 2.5
Transfer 2.5 2.5
Leadership/University 2.0 2.0

Re-Instating the Original Scholarship Amount

Students who wish to appeal a loss of scholarship money based on unusual circumstances (health/medical issues, extenuating family problems, etc.) must do so in writing to the chair of the Scholarship Committee. Students who have had their scholarships reduced for failure to maintain the proper cumulative grade point average may have their original award amount re-instated by either:

  1. Raising their cumulative grade point average above the minimum required for the award (this increase will be done automatically at the end of the semester).
  2. Achieving the minimum grade point average in each of two successive semesters (these students need to appeal in writing to the chair of the Scholarship Committee).

These increases will take effect for the subsequent semesters and are not retroactive.