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Learning Services Office

The Learning Services Office offers a large variety of programs designed to help all students succeed in their studies, including disability support, peer tutoring, individual study strategies instruction and our Summit Scholars mentoring program. We support your development as you learn new skills such as time management, organization, note taking, test taking, and learning and memory strategies, and offer the following resources to you.

Archbishop Borders Hall
16300 Old Emmitsburg Rd.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
301-447-5918 (fax)

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Current Student Forms

Below you will find various Learning Services forms for current students. Some of these are downloadable in .pdf format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Peer Tutor Request Form - Students should use this form to request to receive a Peer Tutor for an undergraduate course.
  • Request a Meeting - Want to schedule a meeting with a member of the Learning Services staff?  Please complete this form so that we can arrange this with you.
  • Test Scheduling Form - Students eligible to receive disability accommodations on tests or quizzes and/or students needing to schedule a make-up test should complete this form at least two business days prior to a planned test or quiz. Students needing to schedule a make-up test should contact their course instructor prior to completing the form.
  • Release of Information (.pdf) - To be completed by students seeking to grant permission to Learning Services to speak about your disability, accommodations, or academic information with various offices on campus and/or parents, family members, or outside parties.
  • Academic & Housing Accommodations Request Form - To be completed by new or current students who would like to request disability accommodations for academic and/or housing purposes. Please see Disability Support for more information on this process.

Study Strategies

We can provide classroom presentations and training workshops on time management, reading textbooks, note taking, test taking and other learning strategies. Learning Services staff members are also available to meet one-on-one with any student for an individual assessment, and to teach any specific study strategies or academic skills that may be needed. We teach specific study techniques using actual notes, assignments, and textbooks from the classes in which you are enrolled.

Study Resources

  • How College is Different than High School (.pdf) - What is different in college classes? This quick guide helps you navigate the transition from high school to college courses.
  • VARK Learning Styles Inventory - Do you know your learning style? Take the inventory and talk with a Learning Services staff member about how to adapt your studying to your learning style(s).
  • The Art of Active Reading (.pdf) - This handout provides information on the SQ4R method of textbook/active reading.
  • Cornell Note-Taking Method (.pdf) - Want to learn how to take more complete and organized notes? This handout shares examples of the popular Cornell Note-Taking Method.
  • Comprehensive Test-Taking Tips (.pdf) - Trouble with tests? This handout covers tips for multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer/essay questions as well as general test-taking tips.
  • Time Allocation Worksheet (.docx) - Do you ever wonder where your time goes? This helpful worksheet allows you to see how you are dividing your time currently, and it asks you to reflect on changes you may want to make to your priorities to be a healthier, more successful student.
  • To-Do List (.doc) - This list provides you with a template for planning out and prioritizing the important goals of your day. You can make it a part of your daily routine or simply use it when things begin to get busy and overwhelming.

Any Mount student can request a meeting with us.

Request a Meeting

Summit Scholars Program

The Summit Scholars Program (formerly the Transition Program) is a mentoring system, conducted by the Department of Learning Services, designed to assist new university students in the successful transition from high school to university academics. Staff in the Admissions Office select applicants to the Mount whom they feel would benefit from the extra support provided by this program.

First-Year Support

The goal of the Summit Scholars Program is for students to become confident, successful, college students. Each undergraduate student in this program will be assigned a Learning Services staff member who will meet with them on a regular basis, working on study skills as well as organizational and time management skills, while also being a personal advocate and guide for the student's first year at the Mount. Beyond these individual appointments, students are encouraged to attend Writing Center appointments and Peer Tutoring appointments as needed. Additionally, the Summit Scholars Program Coordinator communicates with the student’s advisor and faculty throughout their first year.

Contact Summit Scholars Program

For questions about the Summit Scholars Program, please email Lucas Dayhoff or call 301-447-5117.

Testing Information

Learning Services administers quizzes, tests and exams to students with documented disabilities and to any students who need to take make-up exams (due to athletic competition, illness, or emergency).

Student Information

Students with Disabilities

Fill out the Test Scheduling Form online at least two business days prior to the test. After submitting the form, you should receive a confirmation email that your form was received. Be sure to follow our Disability Support procedures and send your accommodation letter to your professor(s) each semester. Learning Services recommends that students schedule an appointment with each of their professors during office hours to discuss necessary accommodations. For any questions or concerns about testing, please contact our Testing Center Coordinator, Jane Hollabaugh.During the fall and spring semesters, all tests will be given at the following times:
  • Monday - Friday at: 9 a.m.; noon and  3 p.m.

Make-Up Tests

Students who need to schedule a make-up test should communicate directly with their course instructor about the options for this. If the test needs to be taken in Learning Services, the student should complete a Test Request Form at least two business days prior to the scheduled test date. The test MUST be scheduled within our usual testing days and times (listed above). For any questions or concerns about testing, please contact our Testing Center Coordinator, Jane Hollabaugh.

Faculty Information

Students with Disabilities

After receiving notification that your student who receives testing accommodations has scheduled a test in Learning Services, faculty members must make sure that they deliver a copy of their test to Learning Services in a timely manner. Electronic versions of tests are strongly preferred so that we can make alterations for students with disabilities as necessary (i.e. change font size, use with screen reader program).

Make-Up Tests 

If you have a student who needs to take a make-up test (without disability accommodations), you should communicate with the student to make arrangements for this. Due to our space limitations, we do encourage faculty and students to make arrangements outside of Learning Services where possible. If the test will be taken in Learning Services, the student should complete a Test Request Form at least two business days prior to the scheduled test date. All tests taken in Learning Services should be given on our standard testing days and times. For any questions or concerns about testing, please contact our Testing Center Coordinator, Jane Hollabaugh.Please send ALL scheduled tests to Learning Services at Please be sure to include the following information on all tests:
  • Your name and phone number
  • The name, number, and section of the course
  • The length of time you will give the class to take the test
  • A notice about any special instructions, such as
    • Open book or open notes tests.
    • Students are allowed to use a page of notes or a 3x5 notecard.
    • Students will need to use their textbooks or a computer

Learning Services Polices

The following outlines our policies regarding the services we offer.

Peer Tutoring

As a supplement to regular class work, students may elect to work with trained, faculty recommended Peer Tutors. Peer Tutors help students master course content, prepare for exams and develop more efficient study strategies. Students with questions should visit the Peer Tutoring FAQs or email Associate Director of Learning and Success Kristin M. Sites.

Disability Support Services

Learning Services provides accommodations and support services to students with documented disabilities in order to assure program accessibility. Reasonable accommodations are provided in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADAAA of 2008. Current and valid documentation of disability, including functional limitations and the impact of disability on academic performance, is required. Please see our Disability Support Services webpage for additional information.

We empower students to be self-advocates and to discuss the specific nature of their disabilities and needs with their professors. Students who qualify may receive accommodations such as copies of class notes, extended time on exams, the use of Kurzweil for exams and reading assignments, and other support services. All accommodations are based on individual needs; all files and records of contact and communication with Learning Services are confidential. Mount St. Mary’s is committed to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation to all qualified students. No qualified student with a disability shall be excluded from participation in any university program or activity, denied the benefits of any university program or activity, or otherwise subjected to discrimination with regard to any university program or activity. This policy is congruent with the University’s commitment to nondiscrimination for all persons regarding employment, access to facilities, student programs, activities and services.

Learning Services is committed to providing needed accommodations to students with documented disabilities. If you believe you have not received the accommodations for which you are eligible, please see our Grievance Procedures (.pdf) in order to remedy the situation.

Academic Probation/Dismissal Alert

The Associate Provost recommends that students on Academic Probation or Dismissal Alert participate in a goal planning program through Learning Services. Our staff members will meet with and help these students to create attainable academic goals; they will also provide these students with guidance and instruction necessary for academic success. These services (along with all of Learning Services' resources) are provided at no additional cost to students.

Study Strategies Assistance

Any Mount student is able to meet with a Learning Services staff member as needed for assistance with the various study and academic strategies required for success in their courses. We can assist students with strategies for specific courses, and we can also provide broader help with skills that affect all courses. This includes techniques for time management, organization, learning styles, note-taking methods, test-taking tips, and textbook reading strategies. Set up an appointment with a Learning Services staff member today.

Testing Center

As a service to both students and professors, Learning Services administers tests, quizzes, and exams to students with documented disabilities and to any Mount St. Mary's students who need to take make-up exams (due to excused absences, such as athletic competition, illness, or emergency). Please see our testing information for more details.