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Summit Scholars Program

The Summit Scholars Program (formerly the Transition Program) is a mentoring system, conducted by the Department of Learning Services, designed to assist new university students in the successful transition from high school to university academics.

Staff in the Admissions Office select applicants to the Mount whom they feel would benefit from the extra support provided by this program.

First-Year Support

The goal of the Summit Scholars Program is for students to become confident, successful, college students. Each undergraduate student in this program will be assigned a Learning Services staff member who will meet with them on a regular basis, working on study skills as well as organizational and time management skills, while also being a personal advocate and guide for the student's first year at the Mount.

Beyond these individual appointments, students are encouraged to attend Writing Center appointments and Peer Tutoring appointments as needed. Additionally, the Summit Scholars Program Coordinator communicates with the student’s advisor and faculty throughout their first year.

Contact Summit Scholars Program

For questions about the Summit Scholars Program, please email Marshall Edrington or call 301-447-5128.