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Information Technology Support Center (ITSC)

About ITSC

ITSC is a service operated by Mount staff and trained student personnel that answers questions, resolves problems and provides support to students, faculty and administrative staff regarding the campus computer network, audiovisual needs and telecommunications system.

ITSC Hours

  • During the semester – Monday – Thursday 7 a.m.–10 p.m.; Friday 7 a.m.–5p.m.
  • During semester breaks – Monday – Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
  • Summer hours – 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Canvas support is available 24/7 by calling +1-866-562-1237 (students) +1-833-716-8414 (faculty).

Services Provided by ITSC

  • Computer Questions
  • Networking Issues
  • Diagnosis of Hardware Problems (Mount issued computers only)
  • Email Issues - Including Connecting Mount Email on a Mobile Phone
  • Email Password Management —Download the Office 365 password change guide .pdf >
  • Audiovisual Equipment Requests or Concerns
  • Software Issues
  • Cable Television (details below)
  • Service Emergency Assistance Phones
Do you have questions for us? Check out our FAQs, visit our Sharepoint Help page (login required), give us a call 301-447-5805 or submit a support ticket so we can help you.

If you need assistance from ITSC please submit a ticket by selecting ITSC Support Request button above, include your full name, phone number and a brief summary of your issue. You can also give us a call at 301-447-5805 or stop by the office in the Knott Academic Center, Room 108

Mount Network Requirements

Computers accessing our networks are required to have up-to-date operating systems, applications, and antivirus software or they will not be allowed to access the networks until the minimums are met. Mac users without a virus scanner may download a free version of ClamXav from the web at your own risk.

Connecting to the MSMU Wireless Network

  • Academic Buildings – connect to MSMwireless. Authenticate using your Msmary username (email address) and password
  • Residence Halls – connect to MSMResNet. You will need to authenticate using a WPA2 key. You may obtain the WPA2 key from the Department of Residence Life, located in McGowan or ITSC located at 100 Knott Academic Center. You will need to provide your Mount ID to receive the WPA2 key.
  • Connecting to the wireless network indicates your agreement to the MSMU Acceptable Use Policy (.pdf).

Cable Television

Mount students get free cable and HBO. All TV’s must have a built in digital QAM tuner to work with the Mount's digital TV system. Most TV’s manufactured in the U.S. have QAM tuners. Certain TV models do not have a QAM tuner: Element, Hisense, Seiki, RCA, Westinghouse, Proscan and other brands may apply.

Each TV has slight variations to programming and you can find the exact directions to program your TV via the Manufacturer’s website or instruction manual.

Set up Instructions

Cable Television Instructions

  1. Go to “MENU”, “Programming”, or “Action” screen
  2. From here, go to “Set-Up”
  3. If you are prompted to choose between “Off-Air/Antenna” and “Cable”, choose “Cable”
  4. Go to “Auto Program”
  5. When you depress the “Auto Program” button your television will begin to automatically scroll through the channels. This can take between 5 – 30 minutes depending on the TV.
  6. Save the changes and exit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I move Zoom videos into Microsoft Stream?


This procedure will enable users to move Zoom videos into Microsoft Stream where there is no limit on size, and they remain always available.

  1. When setting up the Zoom meeting, select Record the meeting automatically, saving to the Zoom cloud.
  2. After the meeting, and when the video has been processed, Zoom will automatically send an email with the Subject line: Cloud Recording ‐ < < recording name > > is now available.
  3. Log in to Zoom and click on Recordings ... Cloud Recordings. Click on the appropriate recording for downloading.
  4. On the Shared screen with speaker view object, click on the download link, and Save file. File will be saved in the default download folder of the browser being used.
  5. Log in to and then go to Stream.
  6. Click on +Create...Upload video.
  7. Drag the downloaded video (from step #4) into the upload area.
  8. Click Publish now.
  9. As soon as the video has been processed Stream will automatically send an email with the Subject line: Your video has finished processing < < recording name > > .
  10. Return to Stream and click on My content ... Videos, click on the 3‐dot menu ... Share, and copy the URL. This becomes the permanent location for your former Zoom video.
  11. Important: Delete the Zoom video from the Zoom cloud (as in step #3) AND in the downloaded folder (as in step #4).

How do I link my phone to my email?

iPhone - student

  • Go to General Settings
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select Add Account
  • Add Microsoft Exchange (on first screen fill out normally but no domain, only username; on second screen leave everything the same, except you have to add the server
  • Add Server — the current server is: (The server can be found by logging into your account and selecting "Options" (upper right hand corner)
  • All Options and then Settings for POP, IMAP, SMTP access
  • Change username field to the full email address

iPhone - Employee

  • Go to settings > mail, contacts and calendars > Under accounts "add account"
  • Microsoft Exchange (include email address, domain, username, password, brief description (ex. MSMARY)
  • After this step it will ask if you want to sync (all will probably be turned on, this is fine)
  • Click save. It will take a little bit to sync and start to download the email content.

Android - Student

  • Visit Settings > Accounts
  • Add Account
  • Email
  • Type the email address and password of the client
  • Click next (this may fail) if so, then uncheck automatically setup

Android - Employee

  • Goto Settings> Accounts> Add account
  • Corporate Sync (they must have this in order to get email from our exchange server. It will not work on a POP3 or IMAP)
    • Enter email address
    • Password
    • Domain
    • Username
  • Click next (it will take a little bit to "add" the account but after it should say success and start to download content)

Manual Setup

  • General settings
  • Account name, real name and then email address
Incoming Mail Server:
  • Choose pop3 or Imap (pop is a manual push and Imap acts more like exchange) so we prefer you use Imap because it syncs better with the server
  • Server is; the server can be found by logging into mail account and going to Options (upper right hand corner)
  • Leave the full email address as the username
Outgoing mail server is set up with the same settings.

How do I get Internet on my phone?

  • Search for wireless networks
  • Select “MSMWireless” If you are near buildings that are not dorms
    • You will be prompted for your mount username and password:
    • Students: mount\username
    • Employees: msmary\username
  • Select “MSMResnet” If you are near dorms
    • You can obtain the login information for MSMResnet from the residence life office located in the Mcgowan Student Center.

I can't get into my email.

Email password management is set up through Office 365, you should be able to request a lost password right where you login. If you're unsure about how to update your password download the Office 365 password change guide .pdf.
If you have additional questions call ITSC at 301-447-5805.

What kind of computer will I need?

In general, we recommend a Windows-based laptop with Microsoft Office (or compatible) software and current antivirus software. Your teachers will be using the latest version of Microsoft Office and you can avoid conflicts by using the same. Since student needs are different, you may choose to add more memory or higher level graphics cards for video, music or gaming. Business majors may want a traditional PC with the Office suite while fine arts majors might want something very different. You can choose the computer you need and you will have open access to Mount WIFI.

Mount St. Mary’s University has partnered with Lenovo to provide a private laptop purchase program for the Mount Community. On this site you will find several laptop options that are preconfigured to meet the needs of our students. If you plan to major in computer science or cybersecurity we recommend checking with the department prior to purchasing any hardware to confirm requirements and compatibility. You are not required to purchase from the Lenovo site and may also refer to recommended PC specifications sheet PDF for additional guidance. Macs are highly discouraged as they have compatibility issues with some software required for a number majors.

Visit our Lenovo partner site

What happens if my computer breaks?

Due to liability issues, ITSC does not provide hardware or software services. You may want to consider an extended warranty for hardware repair, this is usually available at the time of purchase. Please note that our system constantly monitors computers and will quarantine any computer that develops a virus or does not keep its software up-to-date. It is the students responsibility to update their computer.

Is any special software required?

Certain majors or schools may require specific software. It is best to check with your department chair for any specific requirements. It is also highly recommended that each student takes advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 package that is offered free through Mount IT services.

Where should I save documents when working on a thin client? (Library or Labs)

The best way to save your work while in the Library or Labs is to email it to yourself or save to your personal network folder, that way you will have access to it at any computer. Another successful way to save your work is to a USB Flash Memory Drive

How do I access my student email?

Visit in your webbrowser, then fill in the appropriate boxes with your email address and your password.Email password management is set up through Office 365, you should be able to request a lost password right where you login. If you're unsure about how to update your password download the Office 365 password change guide .pdf. If you have additional questions call ITSC at 301-447-5805.

I have a MAC and want to use the LCD equipment to do a presentation. What do I need?

First you need to identify the MAC you are using.  If you do not know the model of your Mac, to identify which video adapter you need. You can purchase one permanently or ITSC can provide one to you on a presentation basis. Most presentation equipment on campus uses HDMI.

My television only allows channels 2 - 13. How do I get the high numbers?

Using your tv remote, make sure the tv is set for cable and not antenna and scan the channels

How do I find the channel guide for the TV shows?

Check out the channel line up or see your the guide on channel 82.

Where do I find my grades?

Grades can be found on MyMount.

How do I print?

How To Print from Your Email

  1. Log in to your email by going to
  2. Compose a new message by clicking the plus sign under inbox
  3. In the "To" line type "" to print to the black printer or type ""
  4. Then attach whatever document you want printed by clicking the attach button in the tool bar, found above the "To" line
  5. Find the document you wish to print in your computer files
  6. Double click it so it attaches it to the email
  7. Click send as an attachment when your email prompts you
  8. Then click send to send the email
  9. Wait a few moments and you should then receive an email from printquota with a prompt to click the verification link
  10. Click the link and it should pop up with a message saying your print job has been sent to the printer
  11. Go to ITSC and ask the student tech to print your piece

How to print from the web

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user name and password, this is the same as your moodle and portal accounts.
  3. Go to Web Print the 8th tab on the left side
  4. Click Submit a Job, located to the right under the small paragraph.
  5. Select the printer you want to print to by just clicking the name
  6. Scroll down the screen and click step 2, located in the bottom right corner
  7. Enter the number of copies you would like
  8. Click step 3 located in the bottom right corner
  9. Click Upload a Document to upload the document you desire to be printed or drag the document to the large grey box on the screen
  10. Then click Upload and Complete to submit your document for printing
  11. Finally go to the helpdesk of where you are printing to and have your paper released

Email addresses to printers

  • sci111-b3015‐
  • sci213-b401‐
  • sci301­
  • sci311-b401­
  • ac108‐b3015‐
  • ac108-c551­
  • ac119‐c553­
  • bor100‐
  • libcirculation‐
  • library‐color‐
  • mcg202‐

How do I add money to my printing allowance?

The Mountcard office assists students with refilling their print quota.