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Brand Standards

The Brand Standards details the proper use of University's visual identity, including the logos, colors, fonts for all subsidiaries, as well as the writing style guide and proper use of our name and other trademarked assets.

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Table of Contents

  • Logos
  • Writing Style Guide
  • Website Guidelines
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Photo/Video Guidelines
  • Event Promotion Guidelines
  • Brand Use Resources/Templates

Logos, Colors and Fonts

University Logo


Athletic Logos


Seminary Logo


National Shrine Grotto Logo


Writing Style Guide

Th Proofreading Process

All marketing and communication projects must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • The Office of University Marketing follows AP Style. Exceptions may be permitted for students submitting first-person narratives, which will be determined by the office.
  • Always use active voice
  • Pieces will be edited by three members of the marketing team
  • Revisions will be provided via Adobe Acrobat Pro editing tools

Capitalization and Abbreviation

General rule: When in doubt, do not capitalize.

Academic Degrees

If mention of degree(s) is necessary to establish someone's credentials, the preferred form is to avoid an abbreviation and use instead a phrase such as: John Jones, who has a doctorate in psychology.

Use an apostrophe in bachelor's degree, a master's, etc., but there is no possessive in Bachelor of Arts or Master of Science.
  • Lowercase: master’s degree, bachelor’s degree
  • Capitalize: Master of Business Administration

Only capitalize unofficial degree titles when they are languages
  • bachelor’s degree in English/French; bachelor’s degree in marketing
  • Bachelor of Arts in English; Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
Also: an associate degree (no possessive).

Use such abbreviations as B.A., M.A., LL.D. and Ph.D. only when the need to identify many individuals by degree on first reference would make the preferred form cumbersome. Use these abbreviations only after a full name — never after just a last name.

When used after a name, an academic abbreviation is set off by commas: John Snow, Ph.D., spoke.

Do not precede a name with a courtesy title for an academic degree and follow it with the abbreviation for the degree in the same reference.
  • Example never use Dr. John Smith, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees

Lowercase (ex. board of trustees)


Do not capitalize class years, or the words freshman, sophomore, etc.
The senior class is graduating soon.
Jane Doe is in the class of 2016.


  • Spell out when not accompanied by a day of the week (ex. July) 
  • Abbreviate when accompanied by day of week (ex. Saturday, Oct. 18).  
  • Never abbreviate months that are five or fewer letters: March, April, May, June, July.


Capitalize official names of departments, offices and divisions; do not capitalize the words as standalones.
  • Office of University Marketing and Communications
  • Department of Biology
  • Division of University Advancement
  • “Go talk to the department in charge.”        

Fields of Study

Names of fields of study, options, curricula, major areas (exceptnames of languages) unless referring to a specific course.
  • He is studying philosophy and English.
  • Each student must meet core requirements in the sciences and thehumanities.
  • A first-year student should take ENGL 110.


Use lower case for occupational titles. These are titles that are job descriptions rather than formal titles.
  • custodian, letter carrier, secretary 
Do not capitalize unofficial titles that come before or after a name. 
  • …comedian Robin Williams 
  • Robin Williams, comedian,… 
When an official title appears in front of a name, capitalize. When it appears after a name, do not capitalize.
  • Professor John Smith
  • John Smith, professor of marketing…             
Never use both title and academic degree in reference to the same individual
  • Interim President Tim Trainor or Tim Trainor, Ph.D.
  • not President Tim Trainor Ph.D.
Abbreviate following titles when they precede a nameDr., Mrs. Mr., the Rev., Fr., and all military titles. Abbreviate other titles, such as professor, only when they precede the firstname or initials; spell out titles when they are used before the surname alone:
  • Prof. E. B. Smith
  • Professor Smith
  • Profs. E. B. Smith and J. J. Jones
  • Professors Smith and Jones


Do not capitalize when standalone word. 
  • The university is in Emmitsburg.
  • Mount St. Mary’s University is in Emmitsburg.



Capitalize when talking about the Holy Bible, not when using as slang
  • I was reading the Bible
  • The AP Stylebook is my bible


Capitalize as part of the formal name of a building, a congregation or a denomination; lowercase in other uses: St. Mary's Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Catholic and Episcopal churches, a Roman Catholic church, a church. Lowercase in phrases where the church is used in an institutional sense: She believes in the separation of church and state. The pope said the church opposes abortion.

Religious Titles

First reference to clergyman/woman should have a capitalized title before the individual’s name. On second reference, only use a last name without title or abbreviated title
  • Monsignor Andrew Baker is the rector at Mount St. Mary’s University. Baker is…”

Website Guidelines

Web Updates


Social Media Guidelines

New Accounts

how to set up

Photo/Video Guidelines



  • Drone

Filming on campus

If you do not plan to include the Mount as a feature in your film, or use any form of our logo or trademark, then you should be in the clear with the university with regard to brand use and trademark. If you do wish to feature the Mount or it's likeness in your film, then please contact the Office of University Marketing and Communication with a description of your project including names of individuals on the production team, anticipated filming dates, and expected distribution form and location of the final product. 


Filming independently on campus is generally acceptable as long as your production, including cast and crew, includes less than 3 people and does not require a permit. If you have a larger crew or more advanced production you will need written permission from the Office of University Marketing and Communication and must adhere to the Frederick County commercial filming guide rules and regulations.



The Mount requires all production teams to be personally responsible for your own safety and equipment, including holding proper insurance and accepting all liability. The Mount does not allow the use of pyrotechnics, crazy costumes, or weapons (real or fake) when filming on campus. Please be smart and respectful of others, and if you're unsure about something you plan to film it never hurts to call us and check.

Drone Footage

If you intend to capture drone footage just know there is a general "fly under 400 feet" recommendation due to our proximity to Camp David (No Fly Zone). Here is an article about drone rules that may help. If you plan to fly a drone on campus, then we suggest you send an all-campus email on the day of the shoot as a courtesy to let people know who you are and that you're filming with a drone. 

Event Promotion Guidelines

Events on campus


Brand Use Resources/Templates

PowerPoint Template



where to find


where to find