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ROTC Program Office

The U.S. Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is offered at Mount St. Mary's in partnership with the military science department at McDaniel College in Westminster, Md. The ROTC program offers two, three, and four year full-tuition scholarships and/or a monthly stipend with book money for qualifying cadets. Upon graduation, ROTC cadets commission as Army officers with the rank of second lieutenant and either serve on active duty, the Army Reserve, or the National Guard.

Following commissioning, new Army officers serve in a variety of fields, including aviation, medical services, personnel, finance, intelligence, communications, infantry, artillery, armor, law enforcement and engineering.

For more details call the Military Science Department at 301-447-5350 or visit the ROTC Program's website.

Michael McReal

ROTC Coordinator

+1 (301) 447-5350

Enrollment Information

Enrolling Cadets Forms

The following forms must be completed in order to ensure proper enrollment in the MSMU ROTC Program. This includes students who are taking military science courses but have not contracted to be commissioned.
  • Cadet Command Form 139-R (.pdf) - (Please fill out all blocks on pages 1 and 2, including blood type, height, weight etc., Use school address for block 5 and home address for block 7, when complete email form to Michael McReal)
  • Cadet Command Form 136-R (.pdf) - (Please print, read through and sign. Return to ROTC Coordinator)
  • Cadet Command Form 137-R (.pdf) - (Please print, read through and sign. Return to ROTC Coordinator)
  • DA Form 3425-R (.xls) Medical Fitness - (Please print. Have a family doctor sign and return to ROTC Coordinator)
  • Dental Form (.pdf) Statement for Acknowledgement of Civilian Dental Records - (Please print and fill out. Be sure to call your dentist to verify which listed documents you have on file. Supply dentist office contact information as indicated and sign. Your dentist does not have to sign the form; your personal signature is acceptable. Return form to ROTC Coordinator)
Please complete and return prepared forms to: Michael K. McReal, MSMU ROTC Coordinator

Find program details and current course listings in the Academic Catalog.

See the Academic Catalog

Military Science Course Information

See all MSCI Course Descriptions in the Academic Catalog >


Mount St. Mary's University classes sufficient to accomplish the military history academic requirement are as follows:

  • HIST 253- Age of the American RevoluIon or any HIST 285-289 series course in the series Itled "Topics in Military History" (Course will be specifically named when offered)

  • HIST 260- Age of the American Civil War

  • HIST 247 or 332- The Second World War

  • HIST 345- Issues in Modern Diplomacy

  • PSCI/IS 338- American Foreign Policy

  • PSCI/IS 342- Peace and Security

  • SOC 320A- SPC Topic: Military and Society