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Department of Public Safety

The Mount's Department of Public Safety is a service-oriented safety enforcement organization with the goal of providing a safe, secure and orderly environment in which teaching, learning and administrative operations of the university can excel. Any real or perceived event that is, or has the potential of, disrupting operations, causing personal or property injury, or causing undo stress to a member or guest of the Mount St. Mary's community is our issue to resolve.


  • Active Shooter Information is disseminated to the Mount Community via email each semester.
  • Information on how to report a crime, register a visitor, register a vehicle, appeal a parking citation and more can be found at Public Safety Policies & Forms.

About Public Safety

The goals and objectives of the Department of Public Safety are structured to support the mission of the university in general and the offices of Student Affairs and Human Resources in particular. The department utilizes a proactive approach in meeting its goals. Any real or perceived event that is, or has the potential of, disrupting operations, causing personal or property injury, or causing undo stress to a member or guest of the Mount St. Mary's community is our issue to resolve.

Service-Oriented / Problem Solving

The Mount community depends on the staff of Public Safety—the only campus wide 24-hour operation—for all after-hours and weekend problems. The department will assist: individuals in distress with personal and/or professional problems; departments with organizational requirements; and visitors. It also assists with special events needs and manages the university fleet. It maintains safe and efficient traffic circulation and parking procedures through the distribution of information, education and enforcement.

Safety Enforcement / Safe Environment

Although each member of the Mount community has a responsibility for personal safety and security, the department is responsible for providing a safe comfort level that meets their expectations. The department meets this responsibility by providing a visible law enforcement presence, prepared to intervene, protect, comfort and assist a victim of crime. In addition, the department, as directed by the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act, provides educational programming, training materials, crime statistics and timely security alerts to reduce individual risk. The department ensures that security access-control fixtures and surveillance equipment are in place and operational. A visual crime preventive presence is maintained by means of vehicle and foot patrols of the grounds and buildings. The department maintains a close professional relationship with the local fire, police, ambulance and other county agencies that provide emergency support.

Crisis Response

All officers are trained in first aid, CPR/AED and physically able to respond and provide immediate first aid in medical emergencies. Officers routinely inspect the fire safety systems and are qualified to respond to an alarm, assume charge and, if necessary, order and direct a building evacuation. Officers respond immediately to incidents of a criminal nature. The department staff is aware of the sensitivity of sexual and racial incidents and responds with tact, understanding and empathy. As the department assigned the leadership role in risk management, staff will respond immediately to all unforeseen "acts of God" and other threats to operational management; provide for the injured and call needed assistance; establish control; and assess damage.

Training / Staff Performance

Training is a vital function of the department and is provided by qualified instructors from within the Mount community, the Frederick County Sheriff's Department and other related agencies. Areas of concentration include, but are not limited to, nonviolent crisis intervention, criminal law, sexual assault, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, work place violence, the use of force, crisis management, ethics, diversity and community policing. A yearly testing and evaluation program exists to monitor staff performance.

Mount Alert

The Mount Alert is a mass notification system that enables students, faculty and staff to receive emergency alerts on cell and home phones and through text messages and email. This service is part of the university's strategy to enhance campus-wide communications during an emergency and to increase safety on the Mount campuses.

Please note:

  • The Mount St. Mary's University Mount Alert messaging system is powered by NTI Connect-ED.
  • Test voice and text messages will be sent periodically to ensure that Mount St. Mary's University Mount Alert system is working properly.
  • Check your information at the start of each semester in the Mount Alert System, mount-alertPortal and/or Workday. It is important that every Mount student, faculty and staff member ensure their contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • You are responsible for any text messaging charges from your wireless service provider. Mount St. Mary's University is not responsible for any charges your service provider may charge for standard text message fees.
  • No advertisements or spam will be sent to you.
  • Your information will never be shared with or sold to third parties.
  • For safety purposes we do not allow current students or employees to completely opt out of the Mount Alert System. Your Mount email is the standard delivery method for communication, and is the minimal requirement for this system

The Mount Alert is a mass notification system sends emergency alerts to cell and/or home phones, through text messages and email.

Register for MountAlert

Public Safety Report

The Department of Public Safety depends on community cooperation in crime investigation and prevention which involves reporting of information and intelligence on crime that may occur or has already occurred, or reporting conditions that create a risk to the safety and security of the Mount community.

Community members are encouraged to share information regarding a crime or unsafe condition that might affect the Mount community to the Public Safety Department. Crimes in-progress or conditions that create and immediate threat to the safety or security of the Mount community should be reported promptly in person or at the campus emergency number 301-447-5911. Public Safety is aware that some community members are reluctant to come forward with crime or safety information for any number of reasons. In recognition of that reluctance the University has created the online Public Safety Report form that allows you to make anonymous, untraceable reports of crime or safety/security information directly to Public Safety. Contact information can be added if you wish, but is not required.

Submit a Public Safety Report

To report an incident of sexual misconduct, please use the Title IX Report.

Make an anonymous, untraceable report of crime or safety/security information directly to Public Safety.

Report a Crime

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (commonly known as the Clery Act), the annual report provides important information regarding campus safety and related policies. This report requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download). A paper copy of the report is available upon request.

View the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report:

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan

In the event of an incident that creates an actual or potential threat to the safety of persons or property on or near any of the University’s campuses the All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan may be activated. This is a summary of emergency response measures available to the University. The complete plan is on file with the Director of Public Safety.

Safety and Security During an Emergency

During an emergency, members of the university community are normally expected to remain where they are unless it is unsafe to do so. If you must move from one location to another, only do so if it is safe. Remain indoors unless instructed otherwise. Going to the location of an emergency risks your personal safety and increases the possibility of hampering emergency responders in their duties.In the event of an emergency all notifications will be sent through the MountAlert notification system (via telephone, text, email, and social media) In most cases occurring on or near the Emmitsburg, Md. campus the university will also activate the siren/speaker component of the MountAlert system. With the authorization of the emergency management coordinator, the university may suspend normal operations including curricular and extracurricular activities until the emergency no longer exists. With the approval of the emergency management coordinator the main campus north and south gates may be closed and access may be restricted. Access to the university by vehicles and/or persons may be further controlled by Public Safety officers and other university officials stationed at specifically identified ingress and egress points. If conditions permit, the university president may authorize a community prayer service in a location to be determined.

Communications During an Emergency

The university’s All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan identifies the importance of communicating timely information to the campus community not only at the outset of an emergency but throughout an event. During an emergency event the campus community will be provided with safety information and regularly updated on the status of the event. Members of the university community with information or intelligence related to an on-going or potential campus emergency are encouraged to share that information with the Department of Public Safety at 301- 447-5911 or through the University’s MountReport Form.

Members of the university community with information or intelligence related to an on-going or potential campus emergency are encouraged to share that information with the Department of Public Safety

Alert Public Safety

Health and Safety Resources

Title IX

Includes Title IX Sexual Harassment Discrimination Policy, resources and support, and ways to contact a Title IX coordinator.

Visit Title IX

Heartly House

Heartly House is an organization that offers free services including individual counseling, support groups, legal services, and more to those who have experienced unhealthy relationships, dating violence, sexual assault, or similar situations. Please note a relationship doesn't need to involve physical violence to be considered potentially harmful. If you are in need of support or have any questions and would like to speak with someone from Heartly House, please contact us through our inquiry form and someone will reach out. If you are in crisis and need immediate support, please contact their 24/7 hotline at 301-662-8800 or dial 911.

Heartley House Inquiry Form

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is a health services office that aims to support students in achieving success in areas of academics and personal growth through short-term, outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, educational presentations, and collaboration with other student support services at Mount St. Mary’s University.

Visit Counseling Services