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Flexible Work Tool Kit

Using Flexible Work During Phase III of the Return to Campus Plan

With President Trainor’s recent decision to remain in Phase III of our Return to Campus Plan into the New Year, we have designed this toolkit to further ensure continued and sustained business operations during Phase III. While some of these decisions were made initially for a finite period of time (1-2 months), it is worth reconsidering what we’ve learned and imagined thus far in the context of upcoming workload and projects well into the second semester of our academic year. This information contains basic principles and best practices that will support successful flexible work practices and introduces a few new options for consideration.

  • Under Phase III, heavy emphasis is placed on developing a communications plan that supports business continuity. This means that every department or office must ensure that calls are received and responded to as quickly as possible. In instances when a person may not be available to staff the department/office, call forwarding must be used to ensure that calls will be answered in real time. Learn how to enable call forwarding.
  • The toolkit stresses the importance of maintaining the social connections that are often important to successful teams. Physical distancing measures make this challenging. Try thinking about it this way: what we need now is physical spacing and social connectivity.
  • All employees must still follow the University’s information security policy guidelines:
    • Click Wisely – Click only links and files that are expected, and only from people you trust.
    • Use Strong Passwords – Create unique and hard to guess passwords. Whenever possible use 2-step verification.
    • Know your Data – Secure sensitive data. If you don’t need it, delete it!
  • Under non-emergency circumstances, engaging in substantial non-Mount activities is not permitted when teleworking. In the case of a viral outbreak, however, closed schools and disruptions of care arrangements may mean that employees must balance family caregiving tasks with work tasks.
  • If a Flexible Workplace request involves a medical accommodation request and/or accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), please consult with the Mount Human Resources department for any required medical paperwork.

Please explore the complete flexible work tool kit to help you and your teams understand best practices, and from there, use common sense, creativity and a spirit of goodwill to design new ways of working for tough times, great times and everything in between.