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Maintaining Social Connections

The guidelines stress the importance of maintaining the social connections that are often important to successful teams. How will you maintain the informal relationships that provide support during a time of significant stress?

You might consider regular all-hands meetings using online conferencing and collaboration tools, with senior leaders providing a department-specific view of how they are re-ordering priorities and re-conceptualizing successful outcomes. At the same time, things are not “business as usual.”

Remember to remain generous with others as you all learn new ways of working in a challenging time. People will make mistakes. Technology won’t work as planned. You will all learn the “etiquette” of collaborating over distance and through new media as you go along.

Tip: Expect and Forgive Imperfect Workspaces and Background Activity

Establish that it's okay to be responsive and accessible regardless of what’s happening around you in your remote work environment. You can explain what's going on. During this time, everyone will understand. It will be especially important as local schools close and children are home.