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Student Affairs

About the Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides a broad range of services to the students of the university. The vice president oversees departments and offices responsible for student rights and responsibilities, residence life, student government, student physical and mental health needs, multicultural student support and services, campus activities, experiential leadership programming, campus ministry and campus recreation. The staff members work closely with the faculty and administration of the university to represent student concerns to them.

Student Conduct

All students are responsible for reading the Student Code of Conduct and the Title IX Policy on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Misconduct. The Student Code of Conduct is a full overview of the rights, responsibilities and conduct process for all students.

Review Conduct Documents

Student Services

There are many offices at the Mount that support students and are dedicated to making life on campus easier.

Academic & Financial Services

Campus Life & Safety

Student Complaint Process

In the spirit of providing students a quality education and ensuring student success, offering an appropriate array of support services, and supporting student concerns, Mount St. Mary’s University takes seriously concerns and complaints brought to its attention.

When a student encounters a problem on campus or feels they have been treated unfairly, the student should first attempt to resolve the issue informally with the employee, department, service, process or administrative procedure involved. Many issues can be resolved by making an appointment and honestly communicating the concern(s).

If a student is not satisfied after working to resolve the matter directly, AND resolution has not been achieved, the student may use the Mount Report process to file a formal student complaint.

If a complaint is filed anonymously, please know that an anonymous complaint can hamper the University’s ability to resolve the matter.

Identified complaints will be managed by an impartial representative of the University who will gather the facts surrounding the dispute and work with both parties to appropriately address the concern.

No adverse action will be taken against a student for registering a complaint.

Exclusions: The Student Complaint Process does not apply to grade appeals, complaints of sexual harassment, or any student-to-student complaints.

Please refer to the Mount St. Mary’s University Catalog, Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment, or Student Code of Conduct, respectively, for procedures regarding these types of complaints.

Instructions for initiating a formal complaint

  1. Attempt to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the individual(s) or office(s) involved.
  2. If not resolved satisfactorily, submit a report using the Mount Report Complaint Process.

*Reports of potential violations of the University’s Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment can be made in person, by mail, or by telephone to the Title IX Coordinator or other Campus Official or through the Title IX Report.