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Housing Selection

About the Housing Selection Process

Housing selection is the process by which students may select a room and roommates for the next academic year. Housing placement will take place for students with granted approval for housing accommodations and/or special interest housing. Priority in housing selection will be based on your class status. To live in on-campus housing, participation will be required in either the housing selection or the housing placement process.

Housing Intention Form

The Housing Intention Form will open from March 7-28, 2022. Priority placement is given based on your group's total completed academic credits.

Housing Selection Information Sessions

The Office of Residence Life encourages you to attend one of five information sessions, to learn more about the housing selection process. Residence Life professional staff will be present at each session to answer all your questions about this year's process. Please refer to your Mount email for specific times and locations.

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing, are communities in housing that contribute invaluable service and philanthropic projects to their neighbors by providing educational programming, sponsoring, community gatherings, and devoting time and energies to philanthropic projects.


  • Only rising junior/seniors are eligible to live in a special interest house.
  • All Special Interest Houses must have a faculty/staff advisor for the house who commits to helping the group establish and complete SMART goals that positively impact their group and the campus community.
  • All residents must be in good standing with the university.

Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection Timeline


  • March 7-28: Housing Intention Form is LIVE
  • March 21: Special Interest Housing Application Due for the 2022-23 year
  • March 28-April 1: Special Interest Housing and Housing Accommodations finalized
  • Week of April 4: Special Interest Housing and Housing Accommodations Notification will be sent out
    • General Housing Selection times will be communicated via email and on Symplicity
  • Week of April 11: General Housing Selection (JR/SR, Sophomores)
  • Week of April 18: Final Housing Selection

Housing Selection Eligibility

You may participate in housing selection if:

  • You have completed and submitted a housing intent form.
  • You are currently enrolled as a full-time student (12 credits or more).
  • You are planning to reside on campus in the fall. (Note: There is a $250 penalty for canceling your housing past May 15).
  • You are in good standing with the Accounting and Finance Office. (meaning your account is paid in full or have established a payment plan, including any fees or fines).
  • You plan to enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours for the fall semester by April 30.
  • You have not been sanctioned with housing selection restrictions as the result of student conduct adjudication.

There are no exceptions to the participation criteria above and no extensions will be granted. It is your responsibility to make sure you account is paid in full prior to housing selection and you have registered for your classes by April 30.

Group Ranking

Groups are ranked based on the total number of total academic credits completed by the group as of January 31, 2022. The selection day and time are determined by the group's total number of credits. After completing the Housing Intention Application, students will receive an email with the total number of completed credits.

Random Number

In the event of a tie of total academic credits between two or more groups, a computer-generated lottery number will be assigned.

Housing Accommodations

All returning Mount students interested in applying for Housing Accommodations must complete and submit the required paperwork by the deadline.


All forms must be received by Learning Services by the following dates in order to process your request.

  • March 15 - Returning Students
  • June 30 - Incoming New Students

*Please be aware that students are required to re-submit Housing Accommodations paperwork each year if they are interested in receiving it.

Contact Learning Services

Questions about the Housing Accommodations request process may be emailed to Learning Services or by contacting the office at (301) 447-5006.

Important Housing Selection Reminders

  • The group leader must be prepared to choose the bedrooms for everyone during your selection date and time.
  • Complete groups will be ranked first. There is no guarantee that incomplete groups will qualify for a selection process.
  • If your group does not get into their first choice during housing selection, please select from what options remain, as we will not be conducting a wish list housing selection this year.
  • No changes may be made after:
    • The Housing Selection application is submitted.
    • Groups are confirmed and the deadline has been reached.
    • Rooms are selected on a group's designated Selection Day.

Housing Selection in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Complete Housing Selection Application

  • Login to Symplicity online housing system with your Mount email and password;
  • Select the "get started" link to start the application;
  • Enter in your personal information and then select next;
  • Read and agree to the Housing Contract;
  • Carefully review your application. Once the application is submitted you will not be able to make changes to your personal information.

Step 2: Be placed in a Housing Selection Process

  • You will be placed in a selection process based on your class year for next year. For example, if you are a rising junior, you will be placed in the "juniors/seniors selection."
  • Only rising juniors and seniors will be eligible to live in the apartments. Rising juniors and seniors must have more than 36 credits to participate in the apartments housing selection.
  • Students who wish to room together must select a group leader who will complete the final two steps of the process for the group.

Step 3: Choose your Roommates

The next two steps are for the group leaders.

  • First, the group leader forms the group.
  • Participants can obtain their friend's roommate code by asking them on the phone or by email. Roommate codes are private and are not published or searchable.
  • Participants can enter the roommate code of someone they know by entering it under the "find someone you know" tab.
  • Select "send invite". Roommates will be displaced after roommate codes are successfully entered. Repeat Steps 1-3 until all roommates are entered. When all roommate codes have been entered and invites have been accepted, each group member will be listed in the My Group box. If the entered roommate code is correct but does not add the group member, either the proposed roommate is ineligible to form a group (female with males, for example) or the roommate is in a group with other participants.

Remove Group Members

  • Roommate groups can be edited using the same steps. The “group leader” (the person who created the group) can add or remove any member to the group. To remove members, the group leader selects the red “X” button next to the roommate to be removed, then saves the changes to the group. By selecting Leave Group, any member of the group can remove themselves from a roommate group at any time until the selection is finalized.
  • Any individual can also remove themselves from the group by clicking on the red “X” button.
  • When someone is removed from the group, an email notification is sent to all members of the group making them aware of the change to the group.

Change Group Leaders

  • Additionally, the group leader may pass the “group leader” role to any other member of the group by selecting the “up arrow” next to the intended group leader.

Adding or removing members or changing leaders may impact the group selection time. If so, the changes to selection time will be immediately apparent upon saving the changed group.

Step 4: Group Leader Selects a Room

  • Click on the 'review' button under the roommate management tab to find out how much time you have remaining until you are allowed to submit your selection. After forming a group, the next step is to locate available space.
  • Click "Open" under the accurate Housing Selection process.
  • Residents can search available rooms after clicking "Select a Room". Note: The Availability column lists how much space is available in each room.
  • Residents can click on the star to make the space a favorite.
  • Finalize Room Selection.
  • Selection Window Status: displays a countdown until selection can be finalized OR message indicating window for selection has opened and housing selection can be finalized.
  • Your Roommates: lists all members of the group.
  • Room Selection: Displays the room the group leader selected. If selecting an apartment, the group leader will need to place each roommate from the roommate group into the bed spaces related to the apartment. In this way, the students directly control which residents share rooms within the apartment.
  • Finalize Selection: When the assignment can be finalized, or the group leader prepares to submit the assignment, the “Finalize Selection” button is displayed. After clicking on the “Finalize Selection” button, click OK to confirm that the housing selection is finalized.

Once the student has successfully submitted an assignment, they may still view their selected assignment in the room selection process. However, they will not be able to edit their group or change their finalized room assignment.


After room selection is finalized by the student, the selection they finalized will display on the home page for the resident. This will only display as long as the selection process is “open to students.”


Roommate Passcode Information

What is a Roommate Passcode?

  • This is a personal, computer-generated passcode assigned to every student.
  • Located on the top right portion of the Residence System login page.
  • Students will give personal passcodes to the group leader in order to confirm they wish to room together.

Housing FAQs

The questions below are frequently asked by students regarding housing selection and placement.

Do I need to sign up for the housing selection if I'm studying abroad in the fall?

Students who will be abroad for the fall semester may not participate in housing selection. Residence Life will contact students studying abroad in November to complete the spring semester housing application.

Where can I find the housing application?

The housing application is an online form processed through the housing system – Mount St. Mary's University Residence. The application must be completed by the deadline to participate in housing selection. See our step-by-step guide to housing selection.

How do I access the housing system, Mount St. Mary's Residence?

Visit the Housing System: Mount St. Mary's Residence Website. Your username is your full Mount email address (For example: and the password is your Mount email password.

What is the cost of housing on campus?

The cost of housing on campus is determined by the university and is subject to change each year. The current housing rates are published on the tuition and fees page. The housing rates for the next academic year have been sent to your Mount email.

What is the Group Selection Day?

The number of academic credits each student has earned helps determine the seniority his or her application group will have for the housing selection process. The selection order is determined by adding each person's credits together and dividing them by the total number of members in the group, which results in the group's credit average. The group's credit average is then used to rank all the groups participating in the housing selection process based on that specific type of housing. The resulting order provides each group their group selection date/time, which is the date and time the group leader may select the room/suite/apartment for their group. The selection period will remain open until the group leader selects the room but must be selected by the deadline as shown on the timeline webpage.

Can we change the group leader of our group?

To change the group leader select the green arrow next to the roommate's name you want to promote up to the leader position. Then save.

What is my roommate passcode?

The roommate passcode is a personal, computer generated passcode assigned to every student. You must give your personal passcode to your group's leader to add you to your housing selection group. When you log into the Residence System, your passcode is always at the top right hand part of the screen.

Can I apply to live in a single room in Housing Selection?

Although single bedrooms are very limited, there are a few options for students seeking such accommodations. There are single rooms in Powell, Apartments and the Cottages.

Who can I contact to find out more about housing selection?

If you have any questions that are not answered on the housing selection webpage, you can email

Do I have to participate in housing selection to live on campus next year?

If you wish to reside on campus and want to select your roommates and housing assignment, you do have to participate in housing selection.

If you do not have a roommate or housing preference, you do not have to participate in housing selection. However, please be mindful that those who don’t participate per their choice, who have submitted a housing intent form, will be placed on a waitlist, and will be assigned to campus housing when it becomes available.

What happens if I am ineligible to participate, but become eligible, later?

Students who become eligible after the first housing draft commences will be eligible to participate in the Final Housing Selection process that will take place during the week of April 18.

Options will vary based on what remains from the General Housing Selection process.

What happens if I pick a group of people to live with and one person leaves or doesn’t return?

If someone in your group decides to leave the group or does not return and that space is not filled with another person of your choosing, then it will automatically be randomly assigned.

What happens if my roommate chosen during housing selection, does not return the next school year?

The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to use vacancies that occur to house students in need at any time throughout the year, as stated in the housing agreement.

If your chosen roommate does not return next semester, their space may randomly be assigned to another student. Housing consolidation may also be utilized if there is a need for multiple vacancies, at which students with a vacancy may be housed with another student to create a housing space for a student in need.